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Woodwork, cabinet  making, basic carpentry and joinery techniques.

Learn how to plan, set out, make cabinets, stools, boxes and tables!


Foundation subjects ~  Instructions, How to Set out frames,  carcases, cabinets, tables, drawers, joints incl.  dovetails

My Links Page  - of interest to woodworkers Organisations, helpful websites, suppliers, etc.

Planning  work ~  design concepts ~  essential headings that you need to consider before you start work

Books and magazines.  incl.  ~  design and history books.   Link to Amazon and Abebooks

My recommendations for a tool kit.  ~ with UK and USA prices ~ now with pictured examples ~ includes machinery

Tips and Tricks  ~ useful tips collected from questions and their answers raised by readers 

Safe working practices  ~ UK safety law explained ~ Woodwork Machinery good practice ~ updated

Answers to Readers Questions  Incl: plans, materials, career, training advice, woodwork problems, etc.

Safety Leaflets for Woodworkers  ~  basic UK workshop safety procedures ~  free leaflets

Guidance for UK NVQ awards ~ explanation of the NVQ system.  ~ Updated.

Miscellaneous information Links -  incl.:  history, design, plans, manmade boards, forests, veneering, etc. 

Key Skills  ~ Number, Communication &  IT ~ conversion factors ~ basic trade knowledge
My students photo page ~  pages of furniture made by Geoff's past students. Stanley's Tools 'How To' ~ free instruction sheets on Tools, how to set and cut  joints, sharpening, etc.

Cam locking marking gauge handle ~ free plan

Triangle setting out technique
My Garage Workshop and the Coronet Major

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