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Key skills.

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Key skills are those generic skills that help woodworkers and others improve their performance in work, training and life in general.

These skills are the basic needs that we all need to help us understand the complexities of life and our trade.  They will give the operator the tools to expand and improve their hand skills and trade knowledge.

We shouldn't be afraid of them, shun them but take the challenge and soon you will see that you have many of these skills already.  As someone who is interested in woodwork you are already skilled in basic numeracy, measurement and the communication skills.  If you are reading this paper on the WWW then you are again nearly there for IT.

If you do have difficulty with a skill then identify it and ask for help from your trainer, tutor, lecturer, etc. and I am sure they will find a way to help you.   There are also some special government funded programmes to help you succeed. 

I am convinced that anybody who has the aptitude for woodworking and is keen to succeed will find little difficulty in obtaining these basic skills. 

Key Skills

 C & G - Key Skills Levels 1 to 3  ~  information to download ~ all subjects.       For full time students and Modern Apprentices  
 Some help with formulae
 Working with angles 
 Conversion Factors incl.  Linear, Area and Volume

If producing certain types of evidence creates difficulties, due to disability or other factors, you may be able to use other ways to show your achievement.   Ask your tutor or supervisor for further information.


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20th December 2009