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Woodwork / history / design/ technology/ forestry/ joints/ steam bending/ finishing/ tools ~  Links to Recommended external Information sites.


There are many subjects that we need to know about and need a good source of information.     These links I have found particularly useful and often refer  or recommend to visitors and my students. 

Please,  do not extract information or copy data from these or other sites without acknowledging the source.   i.e. refer  to where you obtained the information (the URL for instance) and if appropriate the author.   Please also be aware that some sites are copyright or require the originators permission before publishing what are other peoples work.    If you are a student include the URL's and authors name  in your bibliography.

Some of these sites are reports that may expire.   If the page shows an error remove all the address after the national code of  the URL '/'  i.e..  input for example:   ""  only and then explore its content menus to find the info you are looking for if indeed it is still published.  
Please notify me of any such broken links. 


Hot link to other sites

 Design History
Industrial Design
Sales & Marketing

Tech it Out UK Design Resources 

Design of the 20th Century

20th Century Decorative Arts

The 20th Century Design Collection

Value - Created Review    for a host of more contemporary furniture design links incl Conran, Lutyens, etc.

 Writing a   dissertation

Learner Associates Net
Dissertation Advice
How to write a Dissertation
Writing and presentation or your Thesis or Dissertation
Dissertation Proposal Workshop
Write Research  Reports
The All-But Dissertation survival guide

Dissertation Survival Guide

History of English Kings and Queens ~ their periods  (required for furniture design and history)

History of the Monarchy - Buckingham Palace

English Furniture


Man-made boards incl: chipboard, mdf, plywood, etc.

Man made materials - compositives

Cutting dovetails. Articles, 



Cutting Joints

Safety (Australian)

Safety (USA)



Using The Router


Steam bending

Projects & Free plans

Ideas .............?????

not all free but you can get ideas from them and your construction knowledge will help you build it!



Hints & tips

The Foust Dovetail Page

Popular Woodworking

UK Workshop-  how to

The Woodworkers Journal The Mortise and Tenon Joint

Safety brochures - Australian Government

Safety in the State of Pennsylvania

The Woodworkers Journal - Marking out tools

Wealdon Tools and Ron Fox's  routering tips

The Woodzone - Scrapers

Leevalley - steam bending 

Absolutely Free Plans   

Woodworking plans from

The Woodworkers Workshop

Yahoo Garden Furniture Plans

Yahoo Woodstore Plans

Yahoo Wood Plans

The Woodwork Note Book

Help with Maths, formulae, etc.

Woodwork software

The Maths Forum 

The  Woodweb Software Resources

Calculators and conversions

Specialist Calculators

Sourcing ironmongery, hinges, handles, knobs, etc. RP Hardware

Courtyard Assessories

Peter Child - Woodturning Assessories

NW Components

Architectural  Ironmongery

Crofts  castors

Poores ironmongery

Brass Foundry Castings

Veneering and finishing manual.

Finishing methods and techniques  


Art Veneers veneering and finishing manual

Art Brassac veneering



Readers Digest abrasive papers

DIY Data - abrasives

Finishing materials

waxes, varnishes, etc.

French Polishing


Art Veneers - finishing

Fiddes wax polishes

Mylands applying wood finishes

Toolpost finishes and other tips

Rustins - french poishing

 Adhesives ~ types

DIY Tools


European standards

Adhesives ~ fact sheets



Trees - plant Anatomy Trees and timber species

North  American Forests


African Forests

some of these sites are reports that may expire.

If the page shows an error remove all the address after the '/'  ie.  input only and then explore its content menus to find the info you want.

Australian Forests

New Zealand Forest

Boreal Forests (Finland, Norway, Sweden, Russia, etc.)

Tropical Rainforests 

Brazilian Forests



SEA Forests  


incl: Singapore, Malaysia, Burma

Europe & UK  Forestry

Timber conservancy and forest management.   slow?

Other non-timber ~ Miscellaneous information

Excellent free grafics viewer/editor  More resources from Geoff

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