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Foundation Subjects

Before candidates embark on their personal projects they should follow an approved course of instruction in the safe and proper use of the basic hand tools and jointing methods.

Planning starting with the " Brief " followed by Preparation then Setting Out is probably the most important part of any project.   Preparation includes a talk on when to use machinery and when we use the hand tools.

The following papers should be carefully read and followed no matter how simple the task appears to be.  It is appropriate to joiners and cabinet makers alike.  If you don't get the preparation and setting out correct you will find errors and omissions creeping into your work.  Take time and get it right it will pay you great dividends............

Nearly every time I am approached to help because of difficulties it is attributable to faulty setting out or incorrect order of operation!  Think it out well first.   If you change your mind because of a difficulties you must also change the drawing and re-consider the concepts of design.

The processes of cabinet making

The Brief   ~  preparing your project

Hand crafted versus machinery

Order of work what do we do next ?

Woodwork Joints~ illustrated list of joints suitable for all types of woodwork

Preparation *   we start with the rough sawn board

The Mortise and Tenon joint  

Basic setting out 1 *  dimensions & joints

Basic setting out 2 *  using the mortise gauge

The Cutting List *    the materials for the project

Carcase ~ construction techniques

The Cuttings plan economical cutting out

Orthographic ~ FAP drawing lay out

The Rod   *   dimensions,  shapes, bevels and  curves

Dovetails ~ Setting out ~ general  ~ now with Sequence of operations 

Problem solving flow chart 

Dovetails ~ Setting out ~ drawers

How to do it  ~   by   Stanley Tools

Dovetails   dealing with grooves and rebates with   dovetailed corners

Timber Technology subjects:
adhesives, abrasives, Timber Growth, Conversions, Seasoning, Defects, Costing, etc

Drawings ~ some drawings of useful Projects to try out your skills.    New New

Some Construction geometry that I have plotted out in a more helpful layout.
Winding Staircases Hopper Geometry
Hand rail single bevel Hand rail single bevel2  Completed mould

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24th April 2010